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CacaoNet aims to optimize the conservation and use of cacao genetic resources, as the foundation of a sustainable cocoa economy (from farmers through research to consumers), by coordinating and strengthening the conservation and related research efforts of a worldwide network of public and private sector stakeholders. 

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Global Strategy for the Conservation and Use of Cacao Genetic Resources

CacaoNet coordinated the development of a Global Strategy for the Conservation and Use of Cacao Genetic Resources that was published at the end of 2012. The vision of the Strategy is to improve the livelihoods of the 5-6 million farmers in developing countries across tropical Africa, Asia and Latin America who produce around 90% of cocoa worldwide, and the 40-50 million people who depend upon cocoa for their livelihoods. The specific goal is to optimize the conservation and maximize the use of cacao genetic resources as the foundation of a sustainable cocoa economy. This it does by bringing together national and international players in public and private sectors.

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Technical guidelines for the Safe movement of Cacao germplasm

Revised from the FAO/IPGRI Technical Guidelines No. 20 (Third Update, October 2017).

CacaoNet Exploratory Consultation on Cacao Genetic Resources: Legal and policy aspects of germplasm exchange, 2015

Conservation of cacao genetic resources and what can be done to facilitate both their access and better sharing of derived benefits is a key issue in…


International Cocoa Germplasm Database (ICGD)
The International Cocoa Germplasm Database (ICGD) is an information service for the cocoa research community. 

CocoaGen Database
CocoaGenDB is a cocoa database developed through a collaborative project involving CIRAD , the University of Reading and the USDA.