How can you help?

How can you help?

Funding for the conservation and use of cacao genetic resources is currently provided by the many national research institutes (with the help of the cocoa industry, public funds from consuming countries, and international organisations) and is below optimal levels. Support for the two international collections at CATIE and CRU/UWI and to the ICQC,R is offered on a 3-year cycle and is not secure over the long term. Many national collections are struggling to keep their material alive.

In order to safeguard the security of cacao diversity, on which the world depends for cocoa production now and in the future, and to ensure its accessibility and sustainable use, the Global Strategy has estimated the cost of annual recurrent management activities at 1,832,736 USD. It is anticipated that these costs will be significantly reduced over time as the size and composition of the GCSS are refined as a result of the proposed genetic diversity analysis and improvements to the efficiency with which germplasm can be conserved and distributed following research on in vitro methodologies and as new priorities for germplasm distribution come into effect. The costs for the initial research on the most efficient and effective conservation and management standards, and the resources needed to bring the capacity of partners up to a state where they can play an international role, is approximately 1,350,000 USD for a 3-year period. The workplans and budgets for each of the eight strategic components are detailed in the long version of the Global Strategy available on the CacaoNet website.

The annual recurrent management activities are the following:

  • Support for the on-going maintenance of the GSCC
  • Emergency support to safeguard threatened material
  • Management of the GSCC information portal
  • Maintenance of the cacao safe movement network (quarantine facilities)
  • Support for priority collecting missions
  • Network of field evaluation trials of priority GSCC materials
  • Training and capacity building for GSCC partners
  • Global partnerships towards the Strategy implementation

The research and capacity building activities over the first 3-years:

  • Support for the GSCC partners to link their ex situ collections to the GSCC Information Portal.
  • Development of in situ and on-farm conservation strategies
  • Diversity analysis to complement existing knowledge and to identify gaps for priority collecting
  • Research on tissue culture methods for safe movement of germplasm
  • Establishment of the regional quarantine network

Global Strategy


The entire Global Strategy document can be downloaded here: Cacaonet Global Strategy - Full document (PDF 2.4Mb)

A brochure of the Global Strategy can be downloaded hereCacaoNet Global Strategy - Brochure (PDF 2.5Mb)