Publications and reports

Technical guidelines for the Safe movement of Cacao germplasm.

Revised from the FAO/IPGRI Technical Guidelines No. 20 (Fourth Update, 2021)

A Review of the CFC/ICCO/Bioversity project on cacao germplasm evaluation(1998-2010).

November 2017 – Medina, V., Meter, A., Demers, N. and Laliberte, B. 2017.

CacaoNet/INGENIC Workshop on the Development of a Collaborative Framework for Cacao Evaluation (CFCE), 3 June 2016.

CacaoNet has been engaged in the development of a global Collaborative Framework for Cacao Evaluation (CFCE), in response to the urgent needs of the cocoa producing countries. CFCE is aiming at…

Supplying new cocoa planting material to farmers: a review of propagation methodologies

The review, coordinated by Bioversity International, presents an impartial, evidence-based review of cacao propagation methods, to serve as a basis for the assessment and implementation of strategies…

CacaoNet Workshop on the Development of the Global Strategic Cacao Collection (GSCC)

22-24 October 2014, Trinidad: final workshop report, 17 December 2014