USDA-ARS Tropical Agriculture Research Station

United States ( Americas )

National collections

  • View of the new cacao germplasm collection at Mayaguez (Photo taken from


  • Year of founding: 1930
  • Role of collection: National collection
  • Main objectives of the collection:

    Preserving genetic diversity of cacao. The collection has, over the years, incorporated some breeding lines from local selection program, but mostly incorporates international germplasm clones being released from ICQC,R. Also, incorporates available germplasm from Central and South America and the Dominican Republic.

    All germplasm is freely available from distribution and characterization and evaluation data is available on our publicly available database. 


Collection Address

USDA-ARS Tropical Agriculture Research Station
2200 Pedro Albizu Campos Ave., Suite 201, Mayag├╝ez, 
Porto Rico, PR  00680
United States of America

Brian Irish


Total number of accessions: - 200
Related Theobroma species - 2
Wild relatives of other genera (e.g. Herrania) - 1
Wild seedling accessions of T. cacao - 1
Wild clonal accessions of T. cacao - 1
Clonal accessions selected in farms - 6
Seedling accessions collected from farms -
Clonal accessions selected in breeding plots - 9
Other -

Additional notes about the collection

Worth pointing out are 8 clones which were selected for production in replicated experiments here in Puerto Rico and are included in the collection.  Also, we have some wild germplasm (pentagonum type), white beaned Criollo clones and a Nacional hybrid.  Several local highly productive farmer selections will become available in a year or so.