Malaysian Cocoa Board

Malaysia ( Asia/Pacific )

National collections

  • Center for Cocoa Biotechnology Research (Photo: dfurtek - Panoramio)


  • Year of founding: 1992
  • Role of collection: National collection
  • Main objectives of the collection:
    1. To enrich and evaluate cocoa genetic materials for further breeding purposes.
    2. To conserve cocoa genetic materials in permanent living collection.
    3. To document information on cocoa genetic materials in databases.


Collection Address

Malaysian Cocoa Board (MCB)
HQ, 5,6 & 7th floors, Wisma Sedco, Lorong plaza Wawasan, off coastal highway, locked bag no. 211, 
88999 Kota Kinabalu Sabah 

Haya Ramba


Total number of accessions: - 2263
Related Theobroma species - 2
Wild relatives of other genera (e.g. Herrania) - 0
Wild seedling accessions of T. cacao - 0
Wild clonal accessions of T. cacao - 0
Clonal accessions selected in farms - 250
Seedling accessions collected from farms - 0
Clonal accessions selected in breeding plots - 1025
Other -

Additional notes about the collection

Both the introduced and locally selected clones are important to Malaysia.  However, accessions of our interest include those with high yield, good bean traits, pest and disease resistance, good flavour profile and unique agronomic characteristics.