Cocoa and Coconut Institute

Papua New Guinea ( Asia/Pacific )

National collections


  • Year of founding: 1994
  • Role of collection: National collection
  • Main objectives of the collection:
    1. To conserve and maintain cocoa genetic diversity for future cocoa improvement.
    2. To characterise and select potential accessions as parents for hybridization (progeny trials)
    3. To improve the Trinitario and Amazonia populations (Population improvement program).
    4. To evaluate and select promising clones for release to farmers. 


Collection Address

Cocoa and Coconut Institute (CCI)
P.O. Box 1846, Rabaul
Papua New Guinea

James Butubu


Total number of accessions: - 1200
Related Theobroma species - 1
Wild relatives of other genera (e.g. Herrania) - 0
Wild seedling accessions of T. cacao - 0
Wild clonal accessions of T. cacao - 0
Clonal accessions selected in farms - 200
Seedling accessions collected from farms - 200
Clonal accessions selected in breeding plots - 500
Other -

Additional notes about the collection

The international clones introduced and local accessions from farmers’ fields make the collection unique. This will be the base from which we can get maximum variability creating new materials (breeders cultivars) for insect pest resistance breeding or high yield.