CacaoNet/INGENIC Workshop on the Development of a Collaborative Framework for Cacao Evaluation (CFCE), 3 June 2016.

CacaoNet has been engaged in the development of a global Collaborative Framework for Cacao Evaluation (CFCE), in response to the urgent needs of the cocoa producing countries.

CFCE is aiming at establishing the global collaboration that can be sustained for the longterm. This can only be achieved if all participate. CFCE also needs to link and complement current and on-going initiatives.. With the objective of discussing the development of the CFCE, CacaoNet and INGENCI organized a workshop, following from the Penn State Cocoa Research Symposium in 2016.

The workshop included 48 participants representing the international cocoa research community with representatives from research institutes and universities in both cocoa-producing and consuming countries together with representatives from the industry, governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Publication Years: 2016